SDSI’S vision is to develop and apply data science which combines aspect of computer science, applied mathematics, statistics and artificial intelligence to create a progressive and inclusive Sarawak and beyond its boundaries.

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The Sarawak Data Science Institute is an upcoming central hub / platform for policy-makers, academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and industry practitioners to collaborate to translate cutting-edge research into data science solutions and offerings by the start-ups and established companies, while nurturing a pipeline of data science talent who power fairland Sarawak Digital Economy journey.

“Our day-to-day activities is brimming with data. It is too overwhelming that major technological firms are highly demanded to bring in new ways to handle key decision making in management, finance, health and education to mention a few.

The data’s volume, variety, velocity and veracity has elevated the value of these data complexities through Big Data Analytics technology. The anticipated efficient ability of big data analytics to discover useful & life changing information through probable innovations which include highly scalable algorithms, methodologies, and system applications in Data Science.

The challenge is factual and the demand is evident. The future will eventually rely on Data Science for every key decision in every industry or government institution.”

“The impacts on Sarawak’s society and its economy will be profound and disruptive. Data Science could leapfrogged its present industrial capability straight into the 4th IR bringing with it an inclusive growth and positive impact on its citizens, society and towards successfully achieving the eight targeted clusters namely Smart City, Agriculture, Manufacturing, e-Government, Tourism, Finance, Digital Health and E-Commerce. Underpinning all these shall be e-Education – STEM, Computational Thinking and Data Science.

These areas are opening up new avenues of entrepreneurial growth and digital tech start-ups, small and medium enterprises and delivering as well greater operational efficiency and productivity in the work processes of the public and private sectors.”

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