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SDSI is a acronym for Sarawak Data Science Institute.

IDECS 2018 is an exhibition organize by Sarawak Government which is stand for International Digital Economy Conferences Sarawak.

The program is given to all personnel who has first degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

For the One-month Python Programming boot camp, the participant has to have a first degree in STEM.

Upon graduation from the One-month Python programming, 30 participants shall be selected to undergo the 6-month Data Science Leader Exchange Program in Cambridge, UK.

For the 3-Month Data Analyst, these are for school leavers and diploma holders.

We are now putting up a proposal to the Sarawak Government to sponsor potential students for both/all programs.

The One-month Python Programming boot camp is planned to start in July or August of 2018.

The DSELP (6-Month Data Science Exchange Leadership Program) is planned to start in September or October 2018 assuming we could secure the funding from the Sarawak Government.

Contact Info


Phone: +60321619976